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We take this opportunity to introduce you our latest innovation for 2015 "500x Dual Lens USB Digital Microscope (50x ~ 200x...

We are delighted to launch our new upgraded USB Inspection Camera which comes with"5.5mm waterproof camera head, 6 LED Light, Light wheel...

We are delighted to launch our upgraded "Handheld Wifi Inspection Camera...

New! 7 Meter Flexible USB Inspection Camera!

We have added 2 new models to our exisiting USB Endoscope range:

DTI-UE002 - Mini USB Inspection Camera with 0.75Meter Flexible Cable+1.5Meter Soft Cable

DTI-UE003F-USB Inspection Camera with7 Meter Flexible Cable


Both of these USB endoscopes come with 10mm waterproof camera head, 4 LED and 3 useful accessories (Hook / Magnet / Mirror), a user friendly image processing software and user manual packed in a Gift Box. The Digitech-i Endoscopes compact and innovative design, as well as its easy accessibility option make it a perfect candidate for household use, pipeline inspection, Security checks, Automobile inspections etc.