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DTI-VB001E - Extendable Video Borescope


DTI-VB001E7 - Pipeline Video Borescope

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2.4' Video Borescope
With AV Output

The Digitech-i Portable Video Borescope is a new detection equipment which comes integrated with a 2.4 TFT LCD display, super fine 10mm digital probe, a 300k water-resistant camera complete with two adjustable LEDs plus a AV connector for your TV.  It's small size, light weight design and easy to use mechanism makes it a cost-effective tool for many fields such as machinery, chemical, aviation, security and other areas. 

Upgrade version for this model:

DTI-VB001E   (Detachable Video Borescope)
DTI-VB001E7 (Pipeline Video Borescope with 7 Meter Soft Cable) 
DTI-VBE3       (3 Meter Extension Cable)


  • Flexible video borescope with built in adjustable dual LED light source to illuminative object
  • High resolution image & optical system
  • Two bright LED lamps to illuminate viewed object
  • Glare-free close-up & wide range field of view
  • Flexible gooseneck retains configured shape
  • Shaft can be exposed to water, IP 67 water level



  • 4 Adjustable White LED Lighting
  • Lens: F#:2.8 View of angle: 54”
  • 1/18” Analog CMOS
  • Lens: F#:2.8 View of angle: 54”cal Distance: 3 ~ 6 cm
  • Len’s Outer Diameter 10 mm
  • NTSC TV Video AVI Output
  • Metal Tube in 1 meter Length
  • Tube Outer Diameter 6.8 mm
  • 2.4” Color LCD: 480 x 234 Pixels
  • Powered by 4 x AA Batteries
  • PE Covered Tube; ABS Handler
  • Magnetic & Hook A ccessories


Technical Data:

2.4" TFT resolution 480 x 234 Pixels
Lens sensor resolution 640 x 480 Pixels
Sensitivity 0.7V(Lux.sec)
Color Mosaic    RGB Bayer pattern
White comparison Automatic
Exposure to light Automatic
Video format NTSC composite video
Camera illumination 4 LEDs, white
Handler end AVI port    NTSC signal out
Power by 4 X 1.5V AA
Power Consumption    200 mA
Ambient/operation temperature 0 to 45’
TV Cable length Approx 1.5 M
Total length of device    114.9 + - 2.0 cm
Metal tube length 88.0 + - 2.0 cm
Minimum bending radius 4.5 cm
Diameter of camera head 10.0 mm
Lens coverage    54”
Short distance focus     3 ~ 6 cm
Weight without accessories Approx. 370 gm


Packing Details:

Product Dimension 125.5cm
Tool Box 35 L x 26.0 W x 8.5 H cm
Outer Qty 3Pcs
Net Weight 1.2Kg/Set
Gross Weight 4.5Kg/Carton
Outer Carton 36.0L x 31.0W x 30H c
Cu¯Ft : 3.55 (Carton) CBM 0.10
20Ft Cntr = 2,400pcs 40Ft Cntr = 4,800 pcs


Product Dimension 125.5cm
Gift Box 35.0 L x 20.0 W x 6.5 H cm
Outer Qty 5Pcs
Net Weight 800g/Set
Gross Weight 5KG/Carton
Outer Carton 36.0L x 31.0W x 30H c
Cu¯Ft : 3.55 (Carton) CBM 0.10
20Ft Cntr = 4,000 pcs 40Ft Cntr = 8,000 pcs