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 Fits most Mobile Phones and Tablets

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  Fits on the Hot-Shoe of your Cameras

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Packaging Contents

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LED Spotlight for
Smartphone,Tablet & Cameras

The built-in LED flash of smart phone is supposed to improve your capture in low light, but the result is usually disappointing, especially in dark environment. so an add-on constant light source will become handy for this scenerio , and thats why we have developed the Digitechi LED Spotlight.

The Digitechi LED Spotlight is a practical, portable light source that measures 2.5 x 1.5 inches. As we can see from the images, the pocket spotlight features ultra portable design, and comes with a built-in array of 32 LED lights, and using removable 3.5 mm audio connector you can easily plug the spotlight on your smart phone or tablet in order to offer you a constant light source for low light event photography. Moreover, removing the audio connector, you can also attach it onto the hot-shoe of your camera. Apart from that, the portable spotlight is powered by built-in rechargeable battery that can offer up to an hour of brightly shining at full USB charge.



- 32 LEDs for using as Powerful Flashlight
- Fits on all Mobiles with 3.5mm Jack
- Fits on the Hot-Shoe of Cameras    
- Rechargeable built-in battery (380mAH)
- 1 Hour working time
- Service Life (Over 10,000 Hours)
- Compact, Portable and Easy to Use
- Accessory Included: Micro USB Cable